The Brown Fox – Service with a smile

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My partner and I thought that we’d try this newish establishment in West Perth on a Tuesday night, and I must say we were pleasantly surprised. Have previously been home to a horrible nightclub (Onyx) we were worried it would still..smell the same.


image courtesy The Brown Fox website.

The Brown Fox positions itself as a French style restaurant, and on walking in, I’d say the have got the décor half right. Chandeliers (Original Onyx maybe??) hanging from the grey pressed tin ceilings were a nice touch to the otherwise ye old dingy chic interior – Very Parisian. The room is separated into three sections, formal dining, informal dining (with salt shakers on café style tables) and a stand up bar area. It all flows quite well, but they could cram many more tables in to both dining sections, and add more chandeliers as there does seem to be an air of emptiness.

Our French waitress Erica seated us promptly in a generous booth and took our drink order while rattling off the specials, all without the benefit reading from a notepad. I think it’s been several years since I saw a waitress do this, it used to be quite normal, but nowadays, you’d think they had to remember a monologue. Brownie points.

For entrée, I ordered a blue swimmer crab, mango and avocado salad. It was served in a neat little tower and was delicious. A relatively small serving, you are sad when it’s over, but satisfied. My partner had the fried whiting and pickled vegetables. He finished this within seconds, and said it was great, I believe him.

Steak, medium rareThe mains were exciting, we both ordered a fillet steak, mine med-rare, his med. I’m always surprised when my idea of medium rare is so wildly different to the chefs. Usually they err on the side of medium, but tonight, I got what I asked for. It was cooked perfectly and was tender. Served with paris mash, which was a little bland; however I did pile the béarnaise sauce on my steak so it might have just been me. My partner devoured his instantly, while I meandered around the meat. There were a few fatty deposits that could have been trimmed, but I was altogether pleased.

Desert for me was a crème brulee – a good serving size, and a good amount of crispy caramel on top. I couldn’t finish it because I was full, and I needed to walk out of the place under my own power so unfortunately I left some behind – looser pants next time, eh?

We left there full and happy – the service was great – thanks Erica, and the food was great quality. The only thing that worries me is that it is a little too fancy for the West Perth crowd, however hopefully the informal dining area takes care of their uncouthness. Recommended.