Sassellas – 40 years of excellence

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This review is long overdue;  Sassellas is an oasis in the Perth shopping district, located in Carillon City arcade above all the ruckus. I would probably go to Sassellas once a week for lunch, dinner or a drink and I am never disappointed.

sassellasI thought that going to a bar in the middle of a popular shopping arcade on the 23rd of December was crazy at best, certifiable at worst; however they fit two of us at a table meant for four. The table was right near the kitchen, however the alternative was to line up at some of the newer bars around town, and I do not line up for mediocre food and drink. And I knew that Sassellas was far from mediocre.

My friend and I immediately ordered the ‘wine of the month’; Pepperilly Sem Sauv, a bit on the sour side, but at $28 a bottle and ice cold, it hit the spot after a hellish day shopping and visiting family (the heat and the travel..argh!). Other plans thwarted, we decided to stay for dinner. Sassellas has this great system whereby you order at the kitchen counter, and exactly 10 minutes later, your food is ready, regardless of what it is. It’s so efficient, and frees up the wait staff to attend to table service of drinks and a friendly chat with the regulars.

My friend had the lamb salad, which was substantial and satisfying, lamb was a little stringy, but the taste and presentation was fantastic. I had the chicken schnitzel with salad and fries. A very lean piece of chicken breast, lightly crumbed and fried, served with a huge plate of salad and fries, with a rich mushroom sauce. Delicious, and these two meals were around $30 TOTAL.

Apart from the great service, and great food, which although not as ‘gourmet’ as most Perth city offerings, is done very well and would satisfy almost everyone, Sassellas is a clean, cool and quiet place convenient to Perth shoppers, and I would recommend it to anyone who asked. They are celebrating their 40th year in business this year, and based on my last 20 visits, I can see another 40 years ahead of them, well done.