Pure Bar – My Forgotten Local

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I always forget that this place exists, seeing as it’s a few blocks away from the rest of the action. I used to work in the area, so I’d stop by for tapas and a cocktail or two every second week or so, but it had slipped off my radar in the last year. One Saturday, a friend and I decided to stop by for lunch.

It was a warm spring day, only one of a few this dismal wintery spring, and we were expecting the place to be a bit livelier. Apart from us, there were only two tables of two seated and a waitress was setting up a long table for a function.

Pure Bar LogoLooking at the menu, I could sort of see why – although it had a fine selection of salads and burgers, and nibbles, there was nothing fresh and inviting – I know the evening menu is a bit more extensive, so maybe they are bringing their A game for that rather than a few lowly Saturday lunchers.

We started off with the onion rings with garlic aioli, and queso dip with corn chips. Both were atery cloggers, and we didn’t care, they were good. Onion rings were a little plain, which isn’t a bad thing, although the menu goes out of it’s way to mention a paprika sprinkling. Again, not the usual selection for a warm day, but it was either that or the usual suspects in Perth, bread and dips, or chorizo.

Pure BarFor mains, we went for salads – crazy, I know. Don’t worry, I ordered the chicken, prosciutto and parmesan salad. It came out action packed with ingredients and tasted quite good. Near finishing the greens, I realised there was a huge pile of prosciutto and cheese at the bottom. Generous, but not needed. My friend’s salad was less exciting. She ordered a caramelised pumpkin, goats cheese and pine nut salad – only a $1 cheaper than mine, and it had only a sprinkling of ingredients. A few ‘caramelised’ bits of pumkin and cheese over spinach– hardly worth $17, however she maintained it tasted good.

We quickly forgot all of this with a few bottles of wine, of which was served promptly, thank goodness. The rest of the day is a blank, so I’ll probably be back for more, but next time in the evening.