Louis Baxters – highly strung much?

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It’s not always a good idea to use one of those voucher thingos when going to a restaurant the first time, but I’d heard great things about Louis Baxters in Subiaco, so I wasn’t worried. I should have been.
The interior is very cute, with concrete stools that will throw your back out trying to move; which would be fine, but they aren’t in a good spot to be able to sit down in and eat. Not to worry, my partner and I scored the large couch in the back and settled in.

spanish eggsOn presenting my voucher to the server, she rolled her eyes “OH, a voucher, great..” and tossed it towards the cash register. After ordering a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, Spanish eggs, two coffees and a sparkling orange and passionfruit juice she declared, rather smugly, that I couldn’t have the juice with the voucher – I enquired as to why they didn’t want to sell extras when people came in with them, and she humphed and took my $4, obviously thinking that I was bereft of mind and that I couldn’t read what the voucher included. One back handed comment about my eggs taking AT LEAST 15 mins, and I returned to the couch.

Surveying the room, we saw lots of hurried business types ordering coffee and one or two grabbing a cookie on their way out to the train station nearby. If it weren’t such a humid day, I expect they would have sold more coffee out the window, but the arctic temperatures inside were too good to resist. I can see what they are trying to achieve with the place, but with a server that rude on a thursday morning, I can’t say I’m excited about returning..

10 minutes later, we receive our coffees and food. The toasted sandwich was tiny for the price, but contained good ingredients. My eggs were super spicy, a bit more than I would have liked (and I LOVE chilli) but the flavours were all there and worked well. One thing about the eggs – I think they were microwaved on top of the spicy sauce; they were difficult to cut into with a spoon and were very shiny and glassy looking. I tried to cook this dish later at home, in the oven and just got nicely set eggs that were easily eaten with a spoon. Oh well. The coffee was as good as promised, although a little cool.

I realised that I hadn’t received my sparkling juice so I trotted up to the counter to grab it. The server looked at me with no expression and asked what I wanted. My orange and passionfruit juice, I replied. She sighed, turned around and grabbed the first juice in the fridge and rather unnecessarily fast, tried to pick up a glass. She knocked the whole lot over. If she had done this a nano-second slower she would have been ok. I’ve seen people do this when they think they are too busy to show any care, and when they want you to know that you have interrupted them. All I can say to that is get over yourself and do your job properly and with respect. It wasn’t even the right juice. I said nothing and left, the staff outnumbered those waiting at this point and there was no goodbyes when we left, all the staff were too busy looking busy.