Buddha Bar – For The Last Time

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Living in Subiaco has it’s perks, and very little downside – there are heaps of restaurants just a stone’s throw away from my house. Last week I did a curious thing. I looked at the junk mail that was in my mailbox. I usually throw it into the bin without it ever breaching the front door.

Amongst the offers, there was a yellow A5 slip advertising half price curry at the Buddha Bar on Rokeby Road. I love curry, and I’m completely in love with Chutney Mary’s curry, but hey, at these prices, I thought it was worth a look.

Chicken Curry Buddha BarI have been to the Buddha Bar before, and it was OK. Service was a little slow, but the atmosphere was good. Nowadays, the place has been revamped; An open frontage on the street, and better use of the space inside, with a bamboo feature on the roof.

An extremely nervous young man approached our table, and gave us two water glasses while asking if we would like to order a drink. We ordered a glass of red wine each and then ordered our meals. Quite busy for a Monday night, we were quietly impressed. Fast forward 15 minutes and we were still without our wine, and not only that, there was no water for our glasses. Nervous Guy kept deliberately avoiding eye contact, preferring to wipe up tables of patrons past. Eventually he came over and asked us how we were doing. I’m not sure what he meant by that, seeing as we had no food, and nothing to drink. He scurried off, presumably to the bar to get our drinks. But, sadly, no. He went right back to wiping down tables, on the other side of the room.

Another ten minutes went by, the staff were so non existent during this time, and we could have served ourselves. Nervous Guy eventually came around with our food, and then confidently asked if he could get us anything else. Yeah. Our wine?? As he scurried off, I remarked to my partner, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to ask me which wine I ordered, half an hour ago, which he wrote down… he did. I told him the particular Shiraz I had ordered, and he deftly asked me if that was a white or red. After returning twice more (Once to tell him it was just a glass each, not the full bottle, and other to take the ice bucket away!!) we finally took stock of the meal.

We ordered Butter Chicken, and Lamb Palak. Both dishes were succulent and spiced well, although the Palak was a little light on the sauce, they had used a good cut of meat and there was a good amount of it. We were given too much naan, which was fine with us!Buddha Bar Curry House

It was really good, not Chutney Mary’s good, but good nonetheless. Unfortunately, I won’t be back, seeing as I left a few brain cells smouldering on the floor of their restaurant. I know the Nervous Guy was quite young, but to put him out there with zero training was just stupid. One of the reasons I go out to eat is so that the effort is less than what I would expend at home. This was just too much work.